More Star Wars Battlefront 3 alpha footage emerges

The video shows off dated graphics and placeholder art and sounds for a training mission in the game cancelled in 2008.


Star Wars Battlefront 3 was cancelled by LucasArts back in 2008, much to the chagrin of fans of the series. But footage continues to emerge from early builds of Free Radical's game, the latest showing off a purported training mission from the game.

YouTuber FuZah, who has previously put out several snips of footage from the game, has released two separate videos from the mission, which has lots of placeholder art and framerate issues. There is even placeholder voice work and effects that says "This is placeholder sound."

The footage is running on PC, while previous version have been from a dev Xbox 360. Files from the game had leaked onto the internet earlier this year. Despite the issues, the depth of the game looks like a finished product would have been pretty good given that you see space combat, launching a fighter from a star destroyer and landing on a planet and jumping on speeder.

Check it out:


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