Smite developer's team-based CCG shooter, Paladins, enters Open Beta on Steam

Hi-Rez studios knows a thing or two about team-based action games, which means you should keep a close eye on Paladins.


Hi-Rez Studios team-based shooter mixed with some collectible card mechanics, Paladins, has officially entered Open Beta and is now available to play on Steam.

Paladins was announced nearly a year ago as a new team-based shooter that would combine FPS gameplay along with unique character customization through the use of collectible cards.

Hi-Rez studios has been working with its community to make the Open Beta as inviting to new players as possible. Some of these features includes a new user interface, new match lobby, the inclusion of a third playable map, a ranked Competitive queue with leaderboards, and the ability to mix head, body, and weapon skins of each champion.

Paladins has also been developed from the ground up with eSports in mind as it features a robust spectator client.

The Paladins Open Beta is launching with support for Steam achievements and Hi-Rez has teamed up with Valve to offer a special Team Fortress 2 Engineer skin for the champion Barik. Players can unlock this special skin simply by playing Barik five times through Steam.

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