You can't stream BioShock The Collection on consoles (at least for now)

It's unknown whether the issue affects the PC version, or if the issue is a technical 'issue' or a purposeful move by 2K.


BioShock: The Collection released on consoles and PC this week, but all three games included in the anthology are blocked from streaming using the Xbox One's and PS4's built-in streaming functions.

The report comes from Kotaku editor Heather Alexandra, who uncovered a statement from 2K on the publisher's forums. "If you're playing BioShock: The Collection, there's a good chance you'd like to stream your adventures in Rapture and/or Columbia. Unfortunately, streaming BioShock: The Collection isn't an option right now. We will update this article should this situation change."

Until the publisher gives an explicit reason, one can only speculate as to why streaming isn't an option. One obvious reason could be protecting spoilers. Each installment of the BioShock trilogy has its fair share of twists; perhaps 2K opted to throw a blanket over every game rather than prohibit broadcasting certain parts, an approach adopted by some games such as Metal Gear Solid 5, in order to encourage users to purchase the game rather than tune into a Let's Play or similar video.

That would make sense, but considering the newest BioShock title is over three years old, cracking down on spoilers so broadly seems harsh. That, and there are already droves of YouTube videos recorded from each title's original release that spoil reveals both minor and major.

A technical issue could be responsible. 2K's statement says streaming "isn't an option right now," leading one to hope that the restriction might be lifted in the future.

BioShock The Collection rounds up remastered versions of BioShock, BioShock 2, and BioShock Infinite. It also includes commentary from director Ken Levine, who recently discussed why he stepped away from the franchise to create smaller projects.

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