Final Fantasy XV trailer adds to Kingsglaive story

The video is more cutscene than gameplay, focusing on characters from the CGI movie.


If you are looking forward to the story in Final Fantasy XV, then you should should be happy. Square Enix has released a new trailer that shows off a lot of the story via cutscenes, with many characters that were introduced in the recently released CGI film Kingsglaive.

The game will focus on crown prince Noctis, who takes over the throne when his father is killed. You will see a bunch of unfamiliar characters if you have not watched Kingsglaive, such as Chancellor Ardyn Izunia, a mysterious stranger that Noctis and friends are unfamiliar with. Kingsglaive was set up as a prequel to the game, so Square Enix obviously wanted to tie the two together.

The trailer is in Japanese (it was released at this year's Tokyo Game Show), so make sure you have subtitles on. 

If the story isn't your thing, then you can check out the gameplay that was released last month. And the game will have a version for PlayStation VR as well, so there are plenty of ways you can enjoy the game otherwise.

Final Fantasy XV has been delayed to November 29 to give the creative team more time to "deliver on its vision." But don't worry, you should be able to ride chocobos or drive flying cars in the next few months.

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