Nintendo NX reveal rumored for October 2016 once again

This time, the rumor comes from a well-known Nintendo tipster who also believes a reveal is coming next month.


Nintendo is rumored to be planning to unveil its Nintendo NX in October.

The rumor comes from well-known Nintendo leaker Emily Rogers, who previously leaked information regarding several products including the possible release of Mother 3 in North America and even specs on the Nintendo NX itself. In a tweet published overnight, she included an image that says “Hello October” along with the “#NX” and “#OctoberReveal” hashtags.

Rogers’ message holds some credence considering several analysts have previously claimed Nintendo would release details surrounding the Nintendo NX by early October. Whether or not her tweet is based on that information, or if she has new leaked information, is completely unknown at this time. Either way, we’ll be keeping an eye out for anything from Nintendo starting early next month.

In the meantime, we’ve covered a number of reports regarding the Nintendo NX that covers its media of choice, its ability to be compatible with Nintendo’s smartphone games, and its detachable controllers. We’ve also heard the Nintendo NX will have a Zelda, Mario, and Pokemon game available within six months of its release, which Nintendo has reconfirmed recently that the console will launch globally in March 2017.

Even though Nintendo hasn’t revealed anything regarding its Nintendo NX, we feel like we know the console pretty well at this point based on all of these reports.

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