Doom 2016 tutorial map accurately recreated in Doom 2

There certianly was a lot of love behind the creation of this mod. Now where's our I Am Vega level?!


While we continue to gush about Doom, a group of modders took it upon themselves to recreate the starting level of the game within Doom 2.

Yes -- Doom 2 from 1994.

The D4D: Doom(4) for Doom mod features weapons from Doom 2016 and are placed off-center, which is a nice touch for fans of the new game considering previous Doom games forced the Doomguy to hold his weapon directly in the middle of the screen.

Unlike Doom 2016, the D4D mod, particularly the following walkthrough video, doesn’t include music found within the game. Instead, it was added in post-production, so don’t expect to have an exact replica of the Doom 2016 experience if you want to try it out for yourself.

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