Xbox Live Clubs and Looking for Group are available for Preview members

Check out Clubs and LFG functionality on Xbox One, while support for the Xbox app available on Windows 10 and mobile devices is coming soon.


Microsoft has announced that Clubs and Looking for Group on Xbox Live are available for Preview members on Xbox One. Support for the Xbox app on Windows 10, iOS, and Android devices will be integrated soon.

Clubs and LFG precede Arena, a platform for online tournaments that Microsoft plans to implement soon.

Both Clubs and LFG add new social dimensions to your Xbox experience. Anyone can create and manage Clubs, which act as hubs where members can set up parties, play games, communicate via text and voice chat, and share content.

Microsoft allowed Shacknews to jump ahead in line and create a Club, created especially for Chatty members who are both awesome and cool. If you meet those lofty criteria, you can join by searching for Clubs through the Xbox One's Community tab or the Clubs section on the Xbox app.

Meanwhile, Looking for Group expedites the process of finding other players with whom to enjoy your favorite games. All you have to do is create an LFG post, specify what you want to do—nab an Achievement, polish off a quest requirement—and wait for requests to join. You can also set parameters to narrow down the type of player you want to pal around with. Once you curate a list of interested players, select the ones to rope into a party chat and get to playing.

"As gamers ourselves, we know how important the playing environment is to enjoying the games you play," a Microsoft representative wrote in a press release. "We want to give you access to more people to play with as well as choice in how you play. Clubs, LFG, and Arena support our vision for uniting gamers across devices and fostering a welcoming experience on Xbox Live where everyone is included, respected, and supported."

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