PSA: Buy Castle of Illusion on PC, Xbox Live, or PSN before it gets delisted tomorrow, 9/2

The remake of 1990's Mickey Mouse platformer only runs you $2.


Sega has confirmed that Castle of Illusion will be delisted from Steam, Xbox Live, and PlayStation Network, as of tomorrow, Friday, September 2.

"Due to an expiration of business terms, Sega will no longer be able to sell Castle of Illusion on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, or Steam, with the current publishing arrangement coming to an end on September 2," a Sega representative told GameSpot.

Customers who own Castle of Illusion before it gets pulled will be able to download it again should they uninstall it in the future.

Castle of Illusion is a remake of 1990's Mickey Mouse and the Castle of Illusion, a platformer for Sega Genesis. It's on sale for $2 on Steam and the Humble Store for the remainder of its availability.

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