Total War: Warhammer's The Grim & The Grave DLC out now

And as with all new DLC releases, there are a host of changes and fixes.


Total War: Warhammer's Update 3 is now live, bringing with it The Grim & The Grave DLC, as well as the latest Free-LC for the popular game.

The Grim & The Grave, available for $7.99 if you don't have the season pass, adds new heroes, units and quests to the Vampire Counts and The Empire. As for the Free-LC, players get Vlad Von Carstein, a legendary hero for the Vampire counts, and five new multiplayer maps.

In addition, Update 3 adds a laundry list of bug fixes and unit balance changes. Of particular note is a modification to two Greenskin units, not so much for the actual change as for the description of the changes: "Mork was too Morky in Update 2 and has been nerfed ever so slightly" and "Gork has been buffed a smidge." Dataminers will need to define "smidge."

Here are the fixes and changes.



  • Fixed an issue that could cause Karl Franz to run away in the Empire Campaign Intro Battle.
  • Empire Knights can no longer see 10x further than any other unit in the game.
  • Boris Todbringer now has the correct mount during battles when assigned the Barded Warhorse.
  • Changed the ‘Speed of Horse’ skill to be a flat bonus rather than a small percentage increase.
  • When Karl Franz besieges a settlement on his Deathclaw mount, he is now positioned closer to the settlement on the campaign map.
  • Improved the Soulfire trail VFX.
  • Fixed a bug where mounted Warrior Priests weapons disappeared when their mount reared up in battle.


  • Chaos armies that spawn during scripted events will now have the correct unit permissions on their buildings.
  • Hellcannon projectiles will no longer be invisible when Projectile Trails are disabled.
  • Fixed an issue with the Chaos Spawn idle audio.
  • Chaos armies should no longer be visible through the shroud on the Campaign map.


  • Improved the animations for Centigors (Throwing Axes).
  • Centigors (Throwing Axes) are no longer listed as 'Shielded' as they do not equip shields.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a Beastmen player to end up at war with their own Brayherds.
  • Rebalanced the Victory Objectives in the Eye for an Eye campaign.
  • Rebalanced the Raucous Host stats to bring it into line with the Beastlord's Lash skills.
  • Added sound effects to the Dark Moon events in Call of the Beastmen.
  • Improved the description on ‘The Banner of Outrage’, ‘Hunting Spear’ and ‘Staff of Darkoth’ Banners.
  • Re-balanced armies set up for the Beastmen in Custom Battle, when using the ‘Auto-Generate Army’ button.
  • Fixed a bug where the Graze of Darkness Event message appeared twice in a row.
  • When the player is playing as Beastmen, AI factions in ‘Underway’ stance will no longer be labelled as being in ‘Beast-Path’ stance.
  • Improved the effect of ‘Quell animosity’ on Bestial Rage.
  • Fixed incorrect 'By The Gods' trait effect.
  • Fixed an issue where Beastmen units would repeatedly enter and exit the towers.
  • Damaged Razorgor Chariots will no longer have no crew manning them at the start of a battle.
  • Fixed an issue where AI Beastmen Warherds would stay in place after nearby Empire regions were razed.
  • The Fall of Man Quest Battle in Call of the Beastmen DLC will now trigger when the Empire is dead, rather than when Karl Franz is dead.
  • Added more units to Empire rebel armies that spawn during the Eye for an Eye Campaign in Call of the Beastmen.


  • Capped minimum reload time to prevent multiple Master Engineers rewriting the laws of physics and giving ranged units negative reload times.
  • Dragon Cloak of Fyrskar quest chain should no longer get stuck if the Greenskins are wiped out during the first stage.
  • The lighting in the Black Fire Pass battle has been improved as it appeared to be very dark for some players.



  • Reinforcements will now join battles from a more accurate direction relative to their position the campaign map.
  • Fixed some floating props on the Campaign map.
  • Improved the distortion effects on the Campaign Map (e.g. heat haze from fires).
  • The spread of Chaos Corruption has been reduced from minor cities razed by the Beastmen, to re-balance the struggle in Multiplayer Campaign when one player is Vampire Counts, and the other is Beastmen, and the Beastmen start to raze settlements.
  • Fixed some Commandments that weren't reducing enemy heroes’ success chance.
  • Icons for campaign passive abilities will no longer be slightly offset/overlapped unnecessarily.
  • Fixed a scripting bug preventing some chapter objectives from triggering when a legendary lord was wounded or replaced.
  • Fixed selection audio overlap on campaign map.
  • Newly recruited AI forces now stay inside the settlement when appropriate.
  • Rebalanced the growth increasing trait for Dignitaries.
  • Greenskin rebels should no longer have Vampires leading their armies.
  • Improved how The Chaos Invasion is scaled with player difficulty.
  • Lava added back onto the volcanoes in the Badlands.
  • Fix for campaign battles sometimes using Chaos creep weather in areas unaffected by Chaos Corruption.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause UI text to not scale correctly when adjusting both resolution and UI scale at the same time.
  • Improved the UI for comparing units on the Unit Information Panel.
  • Added warning to spellcasting information, when a spell cannot be cast because the target is closer than the minimum range.
  • UI scaling will no longer grey out the V-sync option when resolution is set to 1680 x 1050.
  • Fixed text button shader to ensure it doesn't disable after prolonged period of time.
  • Stopped tooltips from getting stuck on screen.
  • Fixed a display issue that could occur when stretching the Game Guide to the largest size on lower resolutions.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Spell Browser to load incorrectly for some players.
  • Added a balance of power indicator to Quest Battles on the pre-battle screen.
  • Armies now appear above agents in the forces panel.
  • Skill upgrades which boost the stats of an army now properly show the effect in the character skill panel.
  • The currently researching technology will now appear on the tooltip for the Technology button in campaign
  • Several minor text improvements and updates.
  • Fixed movie subtitles not appearing in certain resolutions.


  • Improved the pathfinding in Erengrad settlement Battle map.
  • Stopped the camera from being able to see under the Bjornling’s Gathering map.
  • Stopped some trees from floating on the Oakenhammer map.
  • Improved the collision for several buildings and props on various Battle maps.
  • Fixed a missing texture on the Cliff of Beasts Battle map.
  • Fixed some floating props on various Battle maps.
  • Improved the heightmap on the Blackstone Post battle map to prevent units from clipping through the ground.
  • Improved the VFX for some destructible props on various Battle maps.
  • Improved the outfield tiles for several minor settlement Battle maps.
  • Fixed an issue where unit deployment markers were not visible on the Eldagsen map.


  • Consistency of drag out orders improved.
  • Fixed winds of magic not updating when battles were in fast forward speed.
  • Fixed a rare bug that could cause units to fall off of Siege ladders if they attempted to attack another unit before reaching the top of the wall.
  • Stopped defence towers from damaging themselves when enemy units are at their base.
  • Fixed multiple cases of incorrect battle audio.
  • Fixed an issue where large units could not target enemy units when they were split on wall and land.
  • Fixed some rare instances where deployment lines had vertical spikes in them.
  • Improved the way firing arcs / Movement extents are displayed on the jagged terrain in subterranean battles.


  • Added the ability to navigate Custom/Multiplayer Battle maps with the arrow keys or by typing the first letter of the map name.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the player to be unable to ready up in Battle lobbies when loading pre-set armies for AI opponents.
  • Fixed various desyncs in Multiplayer Campaign mode.
  • Fixed a UI bug in Multiplayer Campaign mode, where the Desync menu was hidden behind an event message, preventing the player from resyncing.


  • A new crash reporting system has been implemented, to help us fix more bugs. This may cause up to 15 second delay (worst case) when the game crashes, as a crash report is generated.
  • Fixed distortion when using 'resolution scale' feature.
  • Fixed disappearing terrain after changing window mode.
  • You can now stop the campaign benchmark mid-way through.
  • Fixed a bug that caused blood to remain on character portraits after deactivating it mid-battle.
  • Added a warning to the save/load menu to show save games that were created with DLC that you do not own/do not have installed.
  • Improved compatibility with NVidia GeForce GTX 1080, when changing screen resolution, and ALT+TABbing the game.
  • Fixed an issue with shuffling music tracks.
  • Fixed a bug where only the ‘Draw’ battle outcome music was playing at the end of a battle, now ‘Win’ and ‘Lose’ variations will also play.
  • Fixed various achievement bugs in ‘Take the Eye Test’, ‘The Unnatural Order’, ‘Blessings from the Throne of Ruin’, ‘Through the Skin to the Soul’ and ‘Surprise you're dead’.
  • Fixed a crash for EyeFinity users with 3x1 setup during the Call of the Beastmen campaign fly-over in the Eye for an Eye campaign.
  • If you deactivate an owned DLC, you will not be able to continue a campaign begun when that DLC was activated. This is a crash-prevention measure.



  • Max heroes in Custom/Multiplayer has been reduced from 4 to 3
  • The cost of rank increases has been reduced
  • Non-rifle missile infantry +5 range
  • Rifle infantry +10 range
  • (no range increase to Irondrakes)
  • All flying mount options + 50ish cost
  • HP Regeneration (including potions) has had a ‘Unit Ability Scaling’ pass. All units now have a limit to the amount of hit points that can be regenerated, which is inherently scaled with unit hit points.
  • Communiteam now have +5 Armour piercing when in threads
  • Various tweaks to magic missiles (reducing strength and volume)
  • Direct Damage has had a ‘Unit Ability Scaling’ pass. All abilities and spells using this should now produce similar percentiles across multiple unit scales.


  • Azhag +50 cost
  • Mork was too Morky in Update 2 and has been nerfed ever so slightly
  • Gork has been buffed a smidge


  • Giant -12 MA, -10 CB
  • Cygor minor accuracy decrease
  • Chaos Warhounds (both) -25 MP cost


  • DWF Miners, Warriors, Warriors GW, Quarrellers: -25 cost
  • Quarreller GW +1 dmg, +1 ap dmg, +2 MA
  • Thunderer +2ap dmg, + accuracy, +1s reload time
  • Gyrobomber, Gyrocopter SG +5 range
  • Thorgrim -50 cost
  • Flamecannon – 150 MP cost
  • Irondrakes +10 magic resistance


  • Mounted Yeomen -50 cost
  • Mounted Yeomen Archers +5 range
  • Hippogryph - mass


  • Outriders RR -5 range
  • Griffon – mass
  • Handgunners +2ap dmg, +1s reload time, -2 ammo
  • Crossbowmen -2 ammo
  • Greatswords -1 bonus vs inf
  • Spearmen –attack speed
  • Hold the line and Bloodroar changed to passive abilities
  • Net of Amyntok radius has been reduced
  • Net of Amyntok upgraded magic cost fixed

Vampire Counts

  • Varghulf: + attack pushback force
  • Mannfred: -100 cost (only -50 on flying mounts), MD set to 50 on all mounts
  • Vampire Lord: MD set to 45 on all mounts
  • Black Coach: Black Nimbus
  • Changed resistance to ‘all’
  • Increased resistance to 66%
  • Grave Guard GW: -1 bonus vs inf
  • Fellbat: -20 speed
  • Dire Wolves: -50 MP cost
  • Mannfred is slightly stressed upon the imminent arrival of Dad (Vlad)
  • Night Shroud has been given extra radius and much greater strength


  • Lord of Change: - +20 ap dmg, +100 HP, +15 A
  • Marauder Horsemen Jav: -50 cost
  • Marauder Horsemen Axe: -25 cost


  • Malagor: ‘Crowfather’ now grants increased starting Winds of Magic instead of charge and speed bonus
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