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Titanfall 2 trailer shows off six mechs in action

More details coming soon for three of the Titans ...


Titanfall 2 is all about the merging of mech and pilot as one cohesive fighting machine, and while players have gotten a glimpse at some of the titans coming this October, developer Respawn hasn't said too much about the entire roster. A new trailer, however, gives a very personal look at the devastation that can be caused by six mechanical marvels in the game.

The decriptions: 

  • Tone: Tone is about accurately laying waste to enemies both efficiently - and explosively.
  • Northstar: Northstar is a master of both flight and precision kills.
  • Legion: Legion utilizes an assortment of ballistic abilities focusing on defense and control.
  • Ronin: Ronin loves getting up close with it's samurai vibe, and quick to get in and out tactics.
  • Ion: Ion uses it's energy management abilities to divert power between it's three weapons systems.
  • Scorch: Scorch manipulates fire as it's primary source of defensive and offensive abilities.

The team previously had revealed the Ion, Scorch and given a few details on the Ronin. Over the next several days, they plan to reveal more on the Legion, Tone and Northstar.

The second tech test was completed this past weekend, but Respawn hasn't revealed yet what they learned from it yet, as they did with the first one. The game is shooting for a slower paced multiplayer experience to go with the buddy-story campaign when it is finally released on October 28.

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    August 31, 2016 9:51 AM

    John Keefer posted a new article, Titanfall 2 trailer shows off six mechs in action

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      August 31, 2016 12:43 PM

      Seems like it will be a great game once again, still undecided if I get this or CoD this year. CoD just seems like to good of a deal getting all the maps and MW thrown in with the $100 complete version. Still have yet to see MP for CoD however, that will make or break it for me.

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