The NPD Group acquires game analytics firm EEDAR

NPD's acquisition represents the latest move in its efforts to provide more detailed and accurate analytics.


The NPD Group issued a press release announcing its acquisition of Electronic Entertainment Design and Research, or EEDAR, an video game analytics firm founded in 2006 (via Gamasutra).

"With NPD’s retail and digital tracking assets, EEDAR’s robust data integration and delivery platform, and our combined industry expertise, we will have the insight and information to grow and change with the industry and drive continued global expansion,” said Tim Bush, NPD President, Americas Commercial Businesses.

Adding EEDAR to its portfolio will enable NPD to provide marketing and design insights for game releases, in addition to its usual sales reports. With any luck, the data it gathers and distributes will be of use to game developers looking to refine their products and orchestrate smoother launches.

Design consultancy will remain EEDAR's responsibility. NPD sought ownership of EEDAR primarily to integrate the company's data analytics platforms.

EEDAR CEO Robert Liguori weighed in on the acquisition as well. "A fundamental goal of EEDAR has always been to improve the quality and speed by which business decisions could be made for game developers and publishers. NPD shares this philosophy, and the joining of our resources and passion for this sector will ensure the industry has access to the information it needs as it advances into new platforms and business models."

Acquiring EEDAR represents the latest in NPD Group's efforts to provide more detailed analytics. Back in July, the company announced that select digital publishers would provide data pertaining to sales of digital games, an area of growing importance, and one sorely lacking from previous NPD reports. Participating publishers include Activision, EA, Ubisoft, and Capcom, among others; publishers are invited to join in at any time, thereby strengthening the accuracy of NPD reports.

NPD Group's acquisition of EEDAR will close in October. Once the closing goes through, EEDAR will operate as EEDAR, an NPD Group Company, going forward.

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