Have you got the balls to be a Pokemon Go trainer? Target does

The superstore chain is painting its 'bollards' to look like Pokeballs


Never pass up a photo op with a huge bollard painted to look like a Pokeball. At least, Target is hoping Pokemon Go players feel that way.

In a move to catch them all - players, no Pokemon - the retail chain has painted the huge red concrete balls outside more than 400 of its stores in the hopes of grabbing trainers hunting for an elusive Dragonite to pause for a photo, and then perhaps enter the store and buy some Pokemon merchandise. This could also be a precursor to some sort of deal down the road between Target and Niantic to turn the all the stores in Poke Stops.

Of course, Target isn't the only one trying to capitalize on the wild success of the mobile game. Restaurants, fast food chains and even churches have referenced (or targeted) the game in ads or get-togethers aimed at players. And even though Pokemon Go player numbers are dropping, any sale coming from pandering to eager trainers is better than no sale, right?

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