Phoenix Wright - Spirit of Justice demo out today

Capcom also released an eight-minute prologue video to introduce players to the game.


Time to get back into the courtroom with the new Phoenx Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice demo released today.

The demo, available through the eShop, offers a section from the game’s first courtroom meeting between Wright and royal priestess Rayfa in the game's new setting, the Kingdom of Khura’in.

Capcom has also released a new fully voiced eight-minute prologue video, explaining what has happened leading up to the start of the game. According to the release, "the rumblings of a legal revolution begin to show face in the Kingdom of Khura’in. Meanwhile, it’s business as usual with Phoenix and friends taking on a zany trial back in the United States, when suddenly Phoenix receives a mysterious and startling phone call that draws him to the Kingdom of Khura’in."

The full game will be out for 3DS on September 8 via the eShp for $29.99.

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