PlayStation 4 and PC sittin' in a tree ...

With Sony looking for more compatibility ...


With Microsoft's Play Anywhere initiative pushing Xbox One and PC users closer together, it appears that Sony may be trying to crash the party so that PC players can have the best of both console worlds.

Earlier this month, it was leaked that Sony's console streaming service PS Now would be coming to PC with an announcement scheduled for sometime today for a European rollout, and a U.S. debut the following week. The details from the leak showed PCs would need to be running at least Windows 7, have an internet connection at 5 MB per second or more, and a compatible controller, preferably a DualShock 4.

And just today, Sony outed itself on it's EU official blog about a "PS Play on PC Announce Post" as an image description in an unrelated story. 

As for the DS4 for PC aspect, a listing on Amazon France (via AllGamesData) has appeared for a Wireless USB adaptor for the PS4. Back in July, Sony filed for an FCC certificate for what could be a wireless PC dongle.

There is still nothing official from Sony and we will update this if the PS Now announcement does indeed hit today.


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