Overwatch servers down as Blizzard's Battle.net suffers from DDoS Attack

Overwatch's Summer Games promotion is ending today, but it might be difficult for players to enjoy its final hours due to an ongoing DDoS attack.


Today is the last day Overwatch players can earn Summer Games Loot Boxes as Blizzard will be ending the game’s first promotion at 4PM PT today, but it appears players may have a rough time connecting to its servers as Blizzard has reported it has come under a DDoS attack.

The DDoS attack was reported earlier this morning as the attackers have targeted Blizzard’s network providers, which as a result is affecting latency and connections to all of its games. That means if you’re looking to play any of its games, like Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, World of Warcraft, or anything else that runs on Blizzard’s servers, you could be in for a bad time today.

That’s not all as Blizzard also reports its websites and forums are experiencing issues at this moment as a result of the attack.

It appears August hasn’t been kind to Blizzard as its servers suffered a DDoS attack earlier this month, which occurred on the eve of Overwatch’s Summer Games special event. With the Summer Games special event coming to a close today, we can’t help but think this is once again tied to it.

Are you having issues connecting to any of Blizzard’s games today? Be sure to share your stories of woe in the Chatty while Blizzard’s engineers scramble to alleviate the situation.

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