Pokemon Go knockoff trying to fill a monstrous void in China

And this mobile app is downright scary.


Pokemon Go is in just about every country in the world right now, except for India, China and South Korea. Those countries have heard about the frenzy and apparently are anxious to get their hands on the popular mobile app. To filol the void, a Chinese company has developed its own version. But be warned, the images could give you nightmares.

Monster Ball, also known as Ball Practice for PoGo, was created by Rejected Games: FPS Adventure & Sport Simulation and tries to fill the void until the game is approved for the Chinese market. However, the creatures originally created were incredibly bad knockoffs of Pokemon, with an emaciated Snorlax and a Pikachu that had more rabbit than anything else. Charmander looked drugged and Squirtle looks like it will eat your face.

The app was designed more to teach players how to throw a pokeball rather than being a complete game. However, the companymust have realized they were treading on thin ice with the designs or gotten a letter from the Pokemon Company, as the app has since been updated to just show different creatures and a multicolor ball bearing much less of a resemblence to a drug-induced Poke nightmare.

The app was availble on the Apple store at one time, but has since been pulled. It is available on the Google store for Android. 

In the meantime, Niantic is apparently still trying to get the game into the three countries, which is home to some of the largest gaming enthusiasts in the world. Whether it is legal issues, or more hacking attempts or thrid-party apps weighing on its servers, Niantic isn't saying, but you can bet that after seeing this, the company may attempt a stronger push for something official. 


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