Evolve Phase 2 adds new hunter in time for Overpowered weekend

10 times the keys and XP starting on Fridayl, August 19.


Evolve Phase 2's Shear Madness event continues, this time adding a new hunter and map variant in time for a weekend of extra keys and XP.

The new hunter is Renegade Abe, a former trapper gone wild in the cataclysm on Shear. His primary weapon is a double barrel shotgun named Penitence that poions targets. It's alt fire increases damage and spread but offers no poison. He also employs a dart gun that injects a nerve toxin that does damage over time, and increased damge done to monsters. He has a corrosive grenade that reduces the target's damges and also poisons it, and he can use a Defense Matrix that acts as a shield to cut down on incoming damage.

The new Overpowered map variant allows hunters and monsters to get up to five buffs from wildlife. Buffs can be offensive, defensive or utility, and any can be combined to go with a preferred playstyle.

Both have been introduced in time for an Overpowered weekend that begins on 10 a.m. PT / 1 p.m. ET Friday, August 19, and goes to the same time on Monday, August 22. Players will get 10 times the numbers of silver keys and 10 times the experience.

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