Mr. Robot:1.51exfiltrati0n.ipa Is Now Available On The App Store

Surprise, Mr. Robot fans! 


Telltale Games is at it again with a brand new surprise release: Mr. Robot:1.51exfiltrati0n.ipa for iPhone, which just debuted on the App Store. From Night School Studio and published by Telltale Games, Mr. Robot:1.51exfiltrati0n.ipa is a text adventure that actually takes place within the first season of Mr. Robot. If you haven't seen the show (like me) you might want to go back and watch it to get caught up before picking it up, just in case there are spoilers.

Basically, the game finds you happening upon a phone someone dropped on the sidewalk, and happen into being a part of the "E Corp" messaging platform, where the game plays out through fake planned messages sent via the game in the E Corp Messaging App. You'll find out who the phone previously belonged to and find yourself entangled within a dark world of hacking and "fsociety." I don't know who any of the characters from the game are, but I hope to find out soon when I finally take the plunge and watch the show.

If you're interested in trying the game out, it'll set you back $2.99. 

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