Harley Quinn and Deadshot Are Coming To Injustice 2

Maybe...let's use another look for Harley.  


If you went to see Suicide Squad and couldn't get enough of Harley Quinn's new look with the pink and blue dip dye job and are looking forward to playing Injustice 2, you might want to pay attention. Both Harley Quinn and Deadshot are making their way into the game's fighting roster.

Harley is returning from the last game, but Deadshot is debuting for the first time. Both villains had plenty of screen time in the recently-released Suicide Squad movie, a very divisive film for DC fans and comic fans in general, but if you liked what you saw in the movie you might want to play with them in-game as well.

I can't help but notice how bizarre Harley Quinn looks, but there's always a wonky sort of lilt to characters in the Injustice series. Maybe that's a mainstay. Either way, you can get an eyeful of both characters in the trailer below.

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