Heroes of the Storm's 'Machines of War' update includes new Heroes, Battlegrounds, and more

One of the new Heroes happens to be Overwatch's Zarya as well as a pretty important character from the StarCraft universe.


Blizzard Entertainment has revealed a ton of new content coming to Heroes of the Storm, which includes new Battlegrounds, new Heroes, new skins, and a new in-game event.

The upcoming content release falls under the game’s Machines of War banner, which will have various StarCraft-related content taking over Heroes of the Storm starting with two new Battlegrounds: Braxis Holdout and Warhead Junction.

Braxis Holdout is a three-lane map that will have players capturing two beacons to fill their team’s holding cell with Zerg. Once a team’s holding cell is filled, each team’s cell will open and unleash waves of Zerg towards their enemy’s base

Warhead Junction is another three-lane map that will have players collecting warheads in order to activate a nuke on top of their enemy’s fortifications. Once enough warheads are collected, nukes will commence to rain down against the enemy.

The Machines of War update will include two new Heroes: Alarak from Starcraft and Zarya from Overwatch. Alarak will be an Assassin, while Zarya falls under the Warrior category. Abilities for both Heroes can be seen below in the game’s latest preview.

New StarCraft-focused skins for Kerrigan, Rexxar, and The Butcher will also be available.

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