Pokemon Go problems? Don't ask Game Freak about it

The developer of Pokemon Sun and Moon can't answer you questions about the mobile game.


Pokemon Go is developed by Niantic, understand? Just because it involves Pokemon doesn't mean that developer Game Freak can help you with your problems 

The Pokemon Sun and Moon developer apparently has been besieged by so many questions involving the popular hit game Pokemon Go that co-founder Junichi Masuda took to his official blog to remind everyone of the different developers. He acknowledged collaborating with Niantic on design and music, he said that he cannot help players and offer support. Apparently things were getting so bad that he has had to suspend the comments section of the blog.

He linked to Niantic's official site, as well as the FAQ, help and support pages.

Game Freak has a stake in the Pokemon Company and Masuda was happy to help Niantic launch Pokemon Go, but he is busy with his own game and not involved in the day-to-day of Niantic. Of course, if you want to know about Pokemon Sun and Moon, which will be out November 18, I'm sure he would be happy to respond ... once he starts taking comments again.

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