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Outcast: Second Contact To Be Released Into The Wild Next March

Prepare your Gaaamsaavs! This is no drill!


Outcast is a cult classic from the '90s that sat on my shelf until I decided to explore it one day, and then I was hooked. It's hard to believe there's a remake of the original title coming, but it's headed for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC as of March 2017. That's not that far away, either!

Players will become Cutter Slade as he explores Planet Adelpha in a bid to prevent a "terrible catastrophe" while avoiding things along the way, including additions to the game that might even end up "surprising" fans of the original game.

You'll probably want to hop a Twon-Ha and ride it all the way to March if you're a fan of the original game, or at the very least pick it up on the cheap to give it a try to see waht you're getting into. Alternatively, you can watch for coverage at Gamescom 2016 next week when it's officially shown off during a presentation at the show.

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