South Park: The Fractured But Whole gets an 'End is Near' upgrade

Ubisoft is taking this immersion thing to ridiculous levels.


Everybody talks about immersion in games. You want to be part of what you are playing, like you are really there. So playing in South Park: The Fractured But Whole requires a whole new level of thought on what would put you in the game, and Ubisoft has added a new dimesion of virtual reality.

Meet the Nosulus Rift, Ubisoft's little parody of the Oculus Rift designed to fool your nose into believing you are really in South Park. Why the nose? To smell farts of course, you idiot.

Ubisoft has gone all out to bring the power of the fart to your senses, since several superpowers in the upcoming RPG are based on the explosive butt gases. Senior producer Jason Schroeder said it was really important for player to be able to get up close with the experience. They brought in design consultant Nakata Tuobashi to discuss farts in Japanese, then fragrance consultant Jurgen Bischoff to explain it in German. There is nothing like hearing "Fart small, stink big" in Deutsch.

Ubisoft even went so far as to build a a website showcasing the unit, which will be introduced at GamesCom in Cologne (man, could that be any more appropriate?) for those wanting to treat their noses to the rancid flatulence.

For those of you thinking this is the coolest thing ever, don't get your hopes up. The unit is not for sale and is apparently only available during events that show off the game. So if you were hoping to pre-order it as part of a Special Fart-tacular Edition of the game - which will be released for PS4, Xbox One and PC on December 6 - you can keep your wallet safely positioned in your back pocket.

At least until Ubi gets wind of how many gamers out there REALLY want the in-your-face experience.

(note: video is NSFW as bare butts are shown near the end .. heh, end.) 

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