Hearthstone 'One Night in Karazhan' Heroic Guide: The Parlor

Find out how to take down Malchezaar, the Silverware Golem, the Magic Mirror, and an enchanted chess match against The Black King in the toughest of Hearthstone boss modes.


Hearthstone is kicking off a party with "One Night in Karazhan," but not all is well at Medivh's tower on the gala night. Completing the regular adventure will net you all the cards, but the real bragging rights come with showing off your Heroic card back. That can only be gained by beating every single boss in Karazhan on the ultra-tough Heroic mode, meant to be taken on by the toughest challengers with the most powerful decks. 

Even if you've got a solid collection of Legendaries, it will probably take some clever deck editing to take down the bosses. We've battled our way through each of the bosses on Heroic, so check out our strategies below, and share your own in Chatty. Remember to set your decks as Wild when you're in the Collection Manager, since Wild decks can be used in Adventure and it opens up your options!

This week, Prologue and the Parlor: Malchezaar, Silverware Golem, Magic Mirror, and The Black King.


Legion: Summon an Abysmal (6/6)

This prologue mission takes place with a preconstructed deck, as you play as the powerful mage Medivh. It's very similar to the Normal mode battle, except Malchezaar begins with a significant mana advantage. That means you'll need to mulligan for some powerful cheap cards like Astral Portal to fend him off until you begin to catch up. One of Medivh's spells makes all of your other spells free for a 3-mana investment, so if you get that make sure to use his Hero Power liberally to fill up your hand and use it for removal. Malchezaar's Hero Power can be brutal, but as long as you keep him contained and save your big removal tools, you can gain control of the board and then wail on him.

Recommended Class: N/A
Recommended Cards: N/A

Silverware Golem 

Be Our Guest: Summon a 1/1 Plate
Heroic: Summon two 1/1 Plates

Silverware Golem is essentially a superpowered zoo deck, with tons of small minions and others that buff them. As a result, you have a few different ways to deal with him. Warrior is probably the easiest option, since it has so many tools to deal with minions, and plenty of its own that feed off of damage to lots of minions at once. You can get by with a fairly basic Warrior deck, scoring big damage with Frothing Berserker, and Grim Patron, and getting lots of armor value out of Armorsmith.

We also had some luck with Freeze Mage, since Silverware Golem draws cards so aggressively that he'll take himself into fatigue very quickly. If you feel like experimenting, you could also try a Mill Rogue to force him to draw through his deck even faster. That's more reliant on getting the right card draws early, though, so it's less consistent than the Warrior option.

Recommended Class: Warrior
Recommended Cards: Armorsmith, Whirlwind, Unstable Ghoul

Magic Mirror 

Magic Mirror: Whenever a minion is played, summon a 1/1 copy of it.
Heroic: Whenever a minion is played, Magic Mirror summons a 1/1 copy of it.

Magic Mirror's power on Heroic gives him much more value, since he gets 1/1 copies of his own minions along with your minions. This actually makes him a good target for Deathrattles that are beneficial to you, like Deathlord or Zombie Chow. We recommend a token Druid deck, fueled by Violet Teacher. Once you start getting plenty of tokens on the board, you can power them all up with a Savage Roar and start delivering a beating. 

Alternately, you could use a very similar deck as you did for Silverware Golem and rely on Grim Patrons to deliver the damage, but Druid offers a bit more variety.

Recommended Class: Druid
Recommended Cards: Deathlord, Savage Roar, Violet Teacher

The Black King 

Cheat: Destroy the left-most enemy minion.

Like Malchezaar above, The Black King represents a unique battle with a pre-built deck. This is actually a large departure from the usual Hearthstone rules, as all pieces attack automatically and follow unique rules for positioning. They always attack the one directly across from each other, and if they're in-between two units they target them both. They also don't take damage on their own turn when attacking.

The Black King's power is the same between Normal and Heroic, so you'll need to position your Pawns on the left side. Unlike Normal, though, your own Hero Power has changed to a repeatable power that moves your units left. This is helpful for positioning, but it's also a sign of the biggest struggle in this battle: you have a very limited deck size, and The Black King has more than twice your cards. That means you can't simply wait him out with one-for-one trades. You need to be aggressive. Plan your positioning carefully to maximize damage, and remember to move your pieces when necessary to keep them safe. Whenever possible, have an odd number of minions when he has an even number, or vice-versa, to double-up your damage. 

You only have one White Queen in Heroic. While she can be used for minion removal, try to move her far to the right (by moving other pieces) as early as you can so she has the best chance of dealing damage to the Black King's face. When he brings out his own Queen, consider trading a Knight into it. You'll lose the unit, but it will make it much easier to take her down with two Pawns or one Rook.

Recommended Class: N/A
Recommended Cards: N/A

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