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Here's over 30 minutes of exclusive Kingdom: New Lands gameplay

Do we survive the harsh enviroments of Kingdom: New Lands during our gameplay session? There's only one way to find out.


Kingdom: New Lands is Noio and Raw Fury’s upcoming game that builds on the the well-known gameplay and mysterious atmosphere of Kingdom, which originally released on PC several months ago. Fans of the original title can expect the same addictive gameplay while introducing new mounts, merchants, and beggars to recruit to help build up and defend your humble kingdom.

While fans are familiar with the tedious process of defending their kingdom from an increasing swarm of greedy creatures, Kingdom: New Lands introduces some new obstacles that can threaten your small, but dedicated, troop. One such obstacle is the environment, which is not only gorgeously rendered in a 16-bit art style, but it can also be your doom if you’re not prepared for it.

As the title suggests, fans can expect new lands to discover as they journey to new, larger environments. Progressing to new lands will reward your kingdom with new unlockable features, which we won’t spoil for you. The game also has seasons, which look absolutely stunning in the game’s art style.

Kingdom: New Lands releases on PC and Xbox One on August 9 and will be priced at $14.99. Those who own the original Kingdom on PC through Steam, GOG, or other official partner sites will be able to download Kingdom: New Lands for free.

While you wait for its launch, here's a little over 30 minutes of gameplay we recorded of the game. Did we survive the harsh environments of Kingdom: New Lands? Find out by watching our video!

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