Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer shows new forms for familiar favorites

New challenges and Pokemon - even a few for riding - are also on display.


The Pokemon Company has slowly been releasing new info on its upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon, including plenty of new Pokemon. A new trailer released today goes even further, showing of some new "Alola" forms for old favorites.

The game takes place on the four islands of Alola, so Volpix (and Ninetales), Sandshrew (and Sandslash) and Exeggutor will get an ice version and some new abilities just from appearing on the island to do battle.

A few new Pokemon have also been unveiled, including Oricorio, a bird with four different dance moves/attacks based on the island it is on. There is also a flying rock named Minior, a normal ferret-like Gumshoos, a grass Pokemon named Fomantis (evolving into Lurantis), and a ground donkey named Mudbray. All will have their own special abilities.

Speaking of abilities, the trailer also shows off a new Z-move, which a Pokemon can use once per battle. For example, Pikachu gets an incredible lightning attack called Gigavolt Havoc. Each type of Pokemon will get their own Z-move.

Finally, the video introduces some new characters and trainers as part of an Island Challenge, designed to test and improve your skill.

Pokemon Sun and Moon is schedulesd to come out for Nintendo 3DS on November 18. Both will sell for $39.99.

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