This is the Police delayed for an extra week because the publisher forgot to press a button on Steam

EuroVideo forgot to submit its game to Steam. As a result, you'll have to wait an additional week to manage your police precinct.


Before a game can go live on Steam, Valve requires developers to click a button that sends their product in for final approval. Forget that button, and you can forget about getting sales sooner rather than later. EuroVideo, publisher of This is the Police, knows this all too well.

Developed by Weappy Studio, This is the Police was scheduled to become available on Steam this Tuesday, July 28. A snafu on the publisher's end has pushed that back by a week. "The reason for the delayed release was a mistake by us here at EuroVideo," they wrote in a Steam forum post (via Rock Paper Shotgun). "When releasing a game on Steam, you have to hit a button in Steamworks saying "ready for final approval from Steam". Steam then proceeds to check the game, and makes sure it complies with their quality standards. Usually this approval process takes 2-5 business days, and you can not release the game without passing it."

EuroVideo accepts full responsibility for the delay. As a result, the game will be released next week on Tuesday, August 2.

"We were responsible to hit that button and unfortunately we missed this window, as we realized it yesterday, i.e. too late for a July 28 release. We made a mistake and feel very sorry about it. Weappy has nothing to do with this - it was just a personal mistake on our side."

This is the Police is a decision-based game. You play a chief of police forced into early retirement with only 180 days to wrap things up at the precinct. You'll be in charge of overseeing investigations and balancing your needs against those of number crunchers on the city administration.

Some early reviews are taking This is the Police to task for neglecting to make political statements given hot-button (too soon?) issues like police brutality and officer shootings breaking out across the US. Weappy, however, is based in the Republic of Belarus, a country in Eastern Europe. In an open letter, the developer attempted to explain its decision to steer clear of events in America.

"This Is the Police is not about the United States or any other individual country. We deliberately did not specify when and where the events in the game unfold — not because we were being cryptic, but because it doesn’t matter. In our understanding, the world is a seamless space. The word “geopolitics” fills us with sincere disgust, and any boundary walls and barriers, both physical and socio-cultural, drive us to depression. We believe that the problems of every individual are the problems of all mankind."

Weappy concluded by classifying This is the Police as "not a political game, but a human one. It revolves around personal desires, fear and pride, love and hatred. We are storytellers, not propagandists. We have no ready-made answers, but together we can find them. And video games — like all the other good things in this world — are here to make sure we don’t get lost."

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