Titanfall 2 server architecture detailed in latest behind-the-scenes video

There will be Azure, clouds and bare metal datacenter boxes. Oh my.


Titanfall 2 is going to be much bigger than its predecessor, so those who are interested in multiplayer have been curious about the server architecture and how easy it will be to get into a match. Developer Respawn has obliged, with a new behind-the-scenes video dealing with the topic.

Lead Engineer Jon "Slothy" Shiring explains in the video and a blog post that Respawn will continue to use what worked well in the original Titanfall, which was a Microsoft service that ran on Azure. Deciated servers will continue to be used for AI, physics and player movement. But with the increase in game size, they will be adding cloud-based servers and bare metal boxes in data centers around the world to go with Azure. "We want fast servers running everywhere, ready for you when you want to get into a match," Shiring said.

In addition, Respawn has partnered with UK company Multiplay to come up with the best multiplayer solution. "We have been working with them as they built a brand new service for spinning up servers on a variety of hosting services in a way that both scales at the highest rates and also provides the quality of experience that we demand," Shiring said. "This isn't something that EA had already built - it's an entirely new system that no game has used before, and Respawn felt strongly that we should work with Multiplay to build this new service to meet our needs."

He added that the bare metal servers are there in case the cloud services on Amazon and Google go offline, and that the company fully intends to prioritize user experience over cost. That is one of the reasons for the upcoming Multiplayer Tech Test before the game's October 28 launch, allowing the dev team to ensure a smooth first day of operations.

Check out the video for the more technical details. More videos on the game's development should be released in the coming weeks.


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