Pokemon Go player has caught all of the North American Pokemon

He had to catch over 4,000 Pokemon, hatch over 300 eggs, and walk over 150km. Wow!


Trying to catch ‘em all in Pokemon Go? It appears you won’t be the first as that honor goes to Reddit user ftb_hodor.

Ftb_hodor revealed he’s completed the North American Pokedex, which includes a total of 142 Pokemon, although there are still nine that appear to be completely elusive. In order to complete his collection, he caught 4,269 Pokemon, hatched 303 eggs and walked 153 kilometers, or 95 miles. The final Pokemon he caught was an Omanyte, which he then evolved into an Omastar, thus completing his collection.

All of this was done within a two-week journey that occurred across the New York metropolitan area, although the majority of them were caught in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Ftb_hodor had to travel to New Jersey in order to catch a Dratini and Porygon. He also reveals he was able to do all this while working over 50 hours per week, but he admits he hasn’t slept much in the past week as a result of his dedication to becoming “the very best.”

Congrats, ftb_hodor! You’ve successfully caught ‘em all, that is, until Niantic releases some new Pokemon to catch. Now head on down to Rio de Janeiro to find all of South America's Pokemon.

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