Unity Carte Blanche lets you build VR worlds within a VR interface

The VR world builder features cards, touch controls, and voice guides to help you construct worlds, Matrix style.


VR news outlet UploadVR sent out a tweet announcing an innovative way to build VR apps. "Unity's Carte Blanche technology will allow developers to create virtual reality games while in VR," per the tweet.

Carte Blanche works about how you'd expect. The broad strokes are that you strap on a VR headset, but instead of transporting yourself into a game, you jump into a game-building environment where you manipulate tools using gestures and voice commands. Zoom in and out, drag-and-drop elements around you to construct dungeons or towns or spaceships or whatever your game designer's heart desires—all through Carte Blanche's card game-style interface.

UploadVR published a lengthier report about Carte Blanche a few months ago. It's made up of several pieces. One such is "U," a digital assistant you activate by saying "Hey, you." UploadVR likened U to Microsoft Office's old paperclip assistant; you can ask it for tips, and to search for specific topics.

Cards make up another element in Carte Blanche. Placing cards and performing gestures requires Oculus's Touch controllers, and the cards themselves are quite versatile. You can think big picture by placing cards to put down things like houses, roads, and grass, but you can also step inside those objects to get down to the nitty-gritty: NPCs, dialogue bubbles, enemies, objects—the works.

Given Unity's status as the cross-platform engine of choice for innumerable developers, it's no surprise that Unity is flexible enough to support a construct as science-fiction-like as building a VR world within a VR environment, and with the engine's full suite of tools backing it up.

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