Rocket League reaches 19 million players

The little car-combat-soccer-game that could just keeps on chuggin'.


Psyonix announced on Twitter that Rocket League has broken its previous player count of 14 million.

"Congrats everyone! We've officially reached 19 million players for Rocket League! We are humbled by your passion. Thank you," reads the tweet.

Rocket League's enduring popularity is all the more impressive when you consider its origins. While it received a nice boost during its time as a free game for PlayStation Plus subscribers, the sports/action hybrid has stuck around due to its deep gameplay and traction in eSports circles.

Psyonix knew it had a hit on its hands, and didn't slow down in pushing out content. Additions such as community flags and modes like Hoops, a basketball twist on the game's soccer-inspired formula, have kept fans coming back for more and helped introduce Rocket League to new players.

Rocket League recently celebrated its one-year anniversary, with promises from the team to continue pumping out the jams for a long time to come. "We're going to make our next 52 weeks even better than our first. We're going to give you all the things we mentioned above and then we're going to give you some more, because you deserve it. You're our community and you're our friends. Now, go play some games and we'll still be here to keep making them."

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