Pokemon Go is partnering with McDonald's

Mickey D's is the first of many partners working with Niantic and Nintendo to promote the partnership's mobile phenomenon.


According to a report published by Gizmodo (via GameSpot), McDonald's is partnering with Niantic Labs, The Pokemon Company, and Nintendo to create sponsored locations for Pokemon Go. McDonald's is partnering with Niantic Labs, The Pokemon Company, and Nintendo to convert select establishments into sponsored locations for Pokemon Go.

Per a source speaking with Gizmodo, every McDonald's location in an unspecified Asian country will become a gym or PokeStop. GameSpot speculates that the unspecified country could be Japan, Nintendo's and The Pokemon Company's homeland. Although Pokemon Go isn't out in Japan yet, it's rumored to launch soon.

Rumors of partnerships between the trio of companies responsible for Pokemon Go and brands like McDonald's—who has worked with Nintendo on promotions in the past—began when Reddit users reverse-engineered the Android and iOS versions of the game and discovered lines of code hinting at an imminent relationship with Ronald McDonald and friends.

It's possible—indeed, likely—that more sponsored locations will spring up in other territories over time. Niantic probably chose one specific location as a test bed.

Converting business sites into Pokemon Go hotspots seems a smart and obvious choice for restaurants. Come to capture pocket monsters and stock up on supplies; stay to talk with likeminded trainers over a drink or meal.

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