Recruit Friends To Play Hearthstone To Get A New Hero

You can bring friends on board right now to get on your way for special rewards in Hearthstone. 


Have a friend who's yet to try out Hearthstone? Want to pick up a few free Classic Packs just for referring new players who'll find a new addiction in Blizzard's ridiculously popular card game as well as a new shaman hero? Of course you do.

If you refer a friend to play Hearthstone right now, when that friend reaches player level 20, you'll unlock Morgl the Oracle for your own game, a murloc shaman. Your friend will get their own Classic card pack to get them started well on the path to becoming a Hearthstone fanatic. Recruit four more friends who reach level 20 and you'll get a free Classic card pack each time as well. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

This isn't a new trend for Hearthstone by any means, but this is the latest hero in recent times that reward players for bringing other players into the fold via the recruit-a-friend program. If you're interested, you can send an email out to potential players and watch the rewards roll in. In time, you can say hello to Morgl the Oracle too. Being a good friend pays. Literally.

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