Pokemon Go is even affecting our music choices, Spotify says

Gotta Listen To Them All ...


We knew that Pokemon Go was popular, giving Twitter a run for its money and even easing ahead of porn searches on Google. But it apparently is even influencing the music we listen to, according to the digital music service Spotify.

According to a release from the company, the top five streamed tracks are:

  • Pokemon Theme
  • Pokerap
  • Pokemon Management
  • Go Pokemon Go
  • I Want To Be A Hero

"Streams of the Pokemon theme 'Gotta Catch 'Em All' have increased 362% globally in the past week following the enormous success of Pokémon Go, while overall streams of Pokémon songs on Spotify have more than tripled," the site reported. "There are currently 197,000 user-generated Pokemon playlists and a further 53,000 simply titled Pikachu."

The increases were calculated by comparing total global streams from July 3-10. The game launched on July 6. 

I guess anything is better than the in-game music at this point.

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