Battletoads for Xbox One may have just been leaked

An image of Battletoads on the Xbox Store has surfaced, giving fans high hopes that they'll be Smash Hitting their enemies soon.


Microsoft may be preparing for a big announcement for fans of the Battletoad series, that is, if a picture of its alleged leaked Xbox Store listing is to be believed.

A Twitter user discovered a listing for Battletoads on the Xbox Store, which has an upgraded logo of the game, its description, and lists Rare as its developer.

Because of the low quality image, its description is a little tough to read, so here is our attempt at deciphering what’s written:

Set in Oxnard, California, three school student surfers --- (different from the history of the games --- video game) The trio is given the ability to transform into anthropomorphic toads with superhuman strength with the ability to make your arms and legs weapons in techniques called “Smash Hits.” They must protect Professor T. Bird and Princess Angelica Queen of Darkness, who plans to steal the magical charm of the Princess to his plans to dominate the universe, back on Xbox One.”

The description seems similar to the synopsis of the original Battletoads game, as well as it's Wikipedia entry. It could mean this title could be a reboot of sorts to tell the original story in an all-new way. Or it could turn out to be a complete fake.

Considering the original Battletoads was included in Rare Replay, as well as its arcade version, we’d be surprised if Microsoft tasked Rare with creating a new version of the old game considering all the work the studio put into its compilation.

Seeing as Gamescom is next month, if Microsoft is preparing to announce a new Battletoads game, we think that would be the best time to make its big reveal. If you ask us, though, we wouldn't hold our breath for a new Battletoads announcement any time soon.

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