Pokemon Go servers still down as global rollout is put on hold

Don't be too upset, other countries. It's not like Pokemon Go is working that well in the countries it's already available in.


The Pokemon Go servers were being hammered even 24 hours after its official launch, and today, it appears things haven’t gotten much better as we’re still hearing reports the mobile game is having some serious growing pains.

Many users are still complaining the Pokemon Go servers have been spotty since its release, and with the weekend officially underway, we have a feeling things will only get worse before they get better. In fact, the Pokemon Go app has ceased its rollout to additional countries in order to work on the current server issues:

 A number of us on staff haven’t had many issues connecting to the Pokemon Go servers, although that doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t an ongoing problem. As you can see, many Pokemon trainers are voicing their frustration on Twitter:




If you're one of the many waiting for the servers for Pokemon Go to stabilize, at least you can enjoy some of the more interesting places Pokemon trainers have attempted to catch their Pocket Monsters. Just don't accidentally stumble onto a dead body when the servers do come back up.

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