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Smite launches Mac version, new god, and Summer event in mid-season patch

Smite is getting a bunch of new additions within its mid-season patch and its Mac version has officially launched.


Hi-Rez Studios has released Smite’s mid-season patch, which includes a new god, Erlang Shen, significant gameplay changes, new items, an official Mac version, and starts the Summer of Smite event.

Smite’s latest god, Erlang Shen, is a famous Chinese god who battled alongside Sun Wukong. And just like Sun Wukong, Erlang Shen is able to transform into various animals. His abilities include a passive that allows his dog to attack for a portion of the damage, and and an ability that has him transforming into either a turtle or a mink, both of which have their own unique attack styles.

The mid-season patch introduces a number of significant gameplay changes, such as tweaks to passive abilities, introducing new items, and making various changes to each god’s abilities. The patch also launches this year’s Summer of Smite event, which will introduce new content on a weekly basis that players can unlock. New god skins Rock-A-Bellona Bellona and Chef’s Special Khepri are also available during the event.

Smite’s mid-season patch is now available on PC and Mac and will be available on console soon.

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