Here's 12 minutes of Attack on Titan gameplay footage from E3 2016

We were able to get twelve minutes of gameplay footage of Attack on Titan in action from E3 2016. Fans of the anime are NOT going to want to miss seeing this walkthrough.


We’ve been keeping tabs on Koei Tecmo’s Attack on Titan game for several months now, and while we recently learned we could rampage as Eren’s Titan Form, we weren’t happy until we got to check the game out for ourselves at E3 2016.

During the show, we were able to get nearly 12 minutes of on-screen gameplay of Attack on Titan. The special E3 2016 build of the game includes Tutorial Mode, Battle Mode, and Titan Mode, although for the purpose of this demo, we were shown Battle Mode, which consists of the game’s main storyline.

Prior to the start of gameplay, we’re treated to a short cutscene which features a number of Garrison Soldiers attempting to corral an out of control Titan. Suddenly, one of the anime’s main characters Mikasa shows up and cuts down the Titan by focusing on its weak spot at the rear of its neck.

The gameplay then starts at Chapter 1 Episode 3 with Mikasa attempting to complete her current mission, which is to protect citizens from various Titans as they attempt to escape from the Trost District. Mikasa can be seen attacking various parts of the Titans body in order to disable them, to then finally take the Titan out.

Feel free to watch our full gameplay walkthrough of Attack on Titan from E3 2016:

Attack on Titan is releasing on PC and PlayStation 4 on August 30, 2016.

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