Specter Knight leaves the shadows in upcoming Shovel Knight campaign

Run, leap, and slash in the next free update to Shovel Knight.


Shovel Knight struck a chord with fans of retro games when Yacht Club Games launched a Kickstarter to fund the classic-style platformer in 2013. It resembled NES classics like Mega Man 2 and Castlevania on the surface, but delighted players with a personality all its own when it released in 2014.

Some of the stretch goals for the successful campaign included campaigns designed around bosses of donors' choosing. The first campaign featured Plague Knight, and has been released. The next will feature Specter Knight, a shadowy villain from the base game.

"You might remember him as a hovering apparitional adversary, but he now runs and jumps with the best of them," Yacht Club Games devs wrote on their official homepage (via VG247). "With his signature scythe in tow, he’s one of the larger playable characters too."

Like Plague Knight, playing as Specter will change up gameplay. Pressing a button swings your scythe, but if you jump into the air first, you'll perform a dash strike, zipping down to the ground in a lightning-fast arcing attack. Resilient foes that take multiple hits to topple can be dash-slashed repeatedly by mashing on the attack button.

Platforming also gets an overhaul. "Move into almost any wall or ledge and Specter Knight will begin climbing. Once he reaches the top he’ll leap up to the higher ground. Specter Knight can only climb a set distance before falling or jumping away though so be sure to plan your path accordingly."

Yacht Club Games doesn't have an ETA on Specter Knight's campaign yet. Fortunately, its developers believe the wait for the be mode won't be long. "The team here is now working on all remaining campaigns and updates at once! That means Specter Knight, King Knight, Body Swap, and Battle Mode (for PC and consoles)," the team said. "Creating these updates simultaneously will allow us to plan more cohesively. How levels change between the two characters, how much time is needed for new mechanics/systems, stories interweaving, and so on. Once we’re nearing completion on one set of updates, we’ll be switching our focus to a single campaign to make sure it’s polished for release."

Check out the campaign's FAQ page for further details.

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