E3 2016: New Zelda could have Link doing rock climbing

Granted, it's a promotional image, but let the speculation begin.


Nintendo has said the Legend of Zelda for Wii U is going to be the only game it will be showing at E3 this year, so Link fans have been dying to know what he will be doing. How about rock climbing?

Apparently some promo art was briefly leaked on Amazon's Legend of Zelda Wii U product page (via VG 24/7). It has since been removed, but not before some quick work captured the image (see above) for posterity where Link is shown doing his best Lara Croft impersonation. Of course, promotional images don't always mean the gameplay will be in the same vein, but hey, Nintendo has already said the game be a different take on the franchise.

Since Nintendo won't have any type of press conference this year at the show, you'll just have to wait for more leaks, our or update from our look at the game on the show floor. The game is supposed to launch next year alongside Nintendo's new NX console.

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