E3 2016: EA Announces Release Window for Visceral's Star Wars Game

Hope you weren't looking forward to playing Visceral's Star Wars game anytime soon...


EA took to the stage today during E3 2016 to update fans about multiple Star Wars projects currently in development. Little was announced by way of specifics, but Battlefront will be geting additional content over the next year--starting with the upcoming DLC set on Bespin and including content from the new movies--and the game will continue to be tweaked in order to comply with the feedback from the community. 

Additionally, Visceral Games' Star Wars adventure will be releasing sometime in 2018, and Respawn's game will be set in a new timeline within the universe. A brief clip of in-game footage of a Mos Eisley-like environment was shown, along with some concept art. 

Stay tuned for more updates on EA's Star Wars properties throughout the week. 

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