Rumor: Devil May Cry 5 leaked by voice actor

An actor who purportedly lent his talents to Capcom's next character-action game listed the title on his resume.


A resume for Norwegian voice actor Nils Hognestad lists him as the lead character in Capcom's Devil May Cry 5. The role in question more than likely belongs to Dante, long the leading man in the long-running character-action series.

A screenshot of the posting was taken before Hognestad removed it from his resume.

Dante was previously voiced by Tom Phillips. It should be noted, however, that earlier reports noted that the original voice actors for Dante and Nero—protagonist in DMC 4—had reprised their roles for a new venture.

And those reports conflict with yet others: Masachika Kawata, producer on Resident Evil, stated last year that Capcom had no new Devil May Cry projects in development.

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