Overwatch's McCree will receive a balance update in the future

Blizzard is planning to reduce the hero's fan damage without impacting the efficacy of fan-favorite combos.


Overwatch has been available for two weeks, and millions of players around the world can't get enough of its squad-based action. Blizzard has been monitoring feedback closely, and has a number of balance upgrades in the works.

Chief among them is a damage reduction for McCree, a gun-toting hero reminiscent of gaming's favorite mad-dog gunman. Speaking to Eurogamer, Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan said the team's plan to smooth out McCree's wrinkles is pretty straightforward. "What we're looking at right now is his fan the hammer damage. We're going to reduce it. The goal there is to make it so that McCree can still use his combo that we love, which is the flashbang and fan the hammer on somebody like Tracer. McCree should absolutely kill that Tracer. We want McCree to be a counter to people like Tracer, Genji and Reaper."

The problem, Kaplan explained, is that McCree is powerful enough to "shred" tank characters. The trick will be dialing back his damage enough so that tanks still have an advantage against him, yet not mitigating his damage output so much that medium-strength characters run roughshod over him.

"If he times everything perfectly and gets every single shot off, he's got a shot against a tank, but it's not the instant 'I win' button that it is right now. So that's what's coming for McCree. We've been testing it for a while and it feels good. You still want him on your team."

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  • reply
    June 7, 2016 3:25 PM

    David Craddock posted a new article, Overwatch's McCree will receive a balance update in the future

    • reply
      June 7, 2016 5:52 PM

      There was also another blurb:

      "Widowmaker is on our radar. We are discussing her. We have some internal experiments going to see if we can keep her viable while lowering the frustration threshold a little bit. Right now, this is just exploration. If something more comes of it, we'll let you know."

      Personally I think her shots need to charge a little more slowly. Yesterday I was in a match where a very skilled Widow quickly 2-shot a Bastion who was running, then killed me (Mercy) exactly one second later with a headshot while I was mid-Guardian Angel glide. That's just too much DPS.

      • reply
        June 7, 2016 8:04 PM

        As a frequent widow player, I'd say a 1.5 sec full charge would be adequate. Any more than that and her damage drops off too much.
        Head shots SHOULD be high damage. They're tough to pull off.

        • reply
          June 8, 2016 7:39 AM

          Yes but fully charge body sgots shouldnt do 150 damage

      • reply
        June 7, 2016 8:55 PM

        I think they need to nerf her rate of fire while scoped. Don't even give her that 30 hp body shot damage w/o a delay between shots. Also, make it so that if she goes back into scope, it takes a split second before she can shoot.

      • reply
        June 7, 2016 10:22 PM

        Her HP needs to be dropped to 150 and she has to have a slower rate of fire. Players need to be punished for not aiming for the head not rewarded with 9 free retries...

      • reply
        June 7, 2016 10:27 PM

        i never seem to hear when she's activated her ult, would be nice to know.

        • reply
          June 8, 2016 8:21 AM

          Same here, and it is always frustrating when the enemy kills me instantly as soon as I poke my head around the corner, not knowing they have the wallhack ability.

        • reply
          June 8, 2016 8:25 AM

          That is intentional. She says it much quieter than other enemy heroes.

          Your teammates should tell you she has walls if they die to it.

    • reply
      June 7, 2016 6:54 PM

      Good, fuck him.

    • reply
      June 7, 2016 7:23 PM

      Good stuff

    • reply
      June 7, 2016 9:15 PM

      It'ssss high noon.

      • reply
        June 8, 2016 12:35 AM

        "God damnit"

      • reply
        June 8, 2016 1:05 AM

        His ultimate really isn't that bad. Like farah it leaves him very vulnerable and takes long enough to line up that you can either kill him or get out of line of sight. If you have headphones on you can locate him as soon as he says it.

        Fan the hammer combo is totally broken though. He's the most powerful hero for sure.

        • reply
          June 8, 2016 2:05 AM

          Yeah, the ultimate fails more than it succeeds and is easy to counter.

          • reply
            June 8, 2016 2:25 AM

            yup, reinhart's shield blocks it.

            • reply
              June 8, 2016 7:37 AM

              I love putting a mei wall right infront of him when I hear that shit

    • reply
      June 8, 2016 12:12 AM

      I was kidding when I said Overwatch needs hats crates. LOL loot boxes!

    • reply
      June 8, 2016 4:25 AM

      I think Soldier is way more over powered. I can wreck an entire team as him.

      • reply
        June 8, 2016 7:34 AM

        Honestly I just think Fan the hammer needs a cool down.

      • reply
        June 8, 2016 8:22 AM

        Unless the entire team went Zarya. That happened yesterday and Soldier felt like a wimp against that team.

    • reply
      June 8, 2016 7:43 AM

      Actually they should definitely address this


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