How To Customize Your Runner Echo in Mirror's Edge Catalyst

Change up the Runner Echo everyone else sees when you zip around the city of Glass. 


Mirror's Edge Catalyst may be a deeply personal story for protagonist Faith, but it's also got plenty of options for you to change things up as well, including ways to customize Faith and aspects of the game to your liking. One such aspect you can change to suit your liking is Faith's Runner's Echo, or the ghost-like shadow that appears in-game during tutorials and other events. 

If you decide you're over the default red option for your Echo, head to the Progression screen and look at the bottom left. The words "Your Echo" should appear there. Select this option to go to the Echo Customization screen. The basic option that should already be lit is "Runner's Vision Red," named for the special ability Faith uses to distinguish adequate paths in-game.

You can see others' echoes in Time Trials, and you leave your own behind too. You'll be able to unlock new Echoes via Runner Kits. Runner Kits have items in them with which you can alter your Echo. One of the first you obtain is the Speed Runner kit, which contains an emblem, background, and color.

The current Runner's Echo colors you have will be shown on the right side of the screen along with a description of where and how you obtained them. All you have to do to set one as your current color is select it, and you're done! The colors available out there range from striking yellow to various shades of, well, red for some reason, but there are different patterns to equip to make things a little less bland. This will likely be useful when you get sick of seeing all of the red everywhere in the game -- and trust us, you're going to be seeing a whole lot of red. No, really. A whole lot of it. 

Luckily, we're here to help you out even when it starts getting a little frustrating with guides on how to take care of the in-game essentials. If you want to learn more about Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, be sure to check out our Mirror’s Edge Catalyst walkthrough hub for more tricks, tips, and guides.

Now make sure the only red you're seeing is in-game, and not out of anger, with our help!

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