Rumor: Dead Rising 4 could be announced before E3

Images of Frank West are popping up in various places.


It's been almost three years since we saw a Dead Rising game, ad even longer since we saw protagonist Frank West. But new images hav leaked that show he may be returning in Dead Rising 4, just in time for Microsoft's E3 press conference on Monday. 

The folks at ThisGenGaming and Kotaku supposely have confirmed that the game will be announced soon, and could be set in Williamette, Colorado, site of the original game. There are also reports that the original game is being remade using Unreal Engine 4 and allowing for four-player co-op.

Capcom Vancouver is developing the game, which is probably one of the "unannounced" titles it was looking to hire for back in January. 

As with all rumors, we'll keep you posted, possiby as early as next week.

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