Star Wars: The Old Republic - Knights of the Fallen Empire adds Mandalore's Revenge DLC

Meet a bounty hunter and take on the Eternal Fleet. Piece of cake.


Star Wars: The Old Republic - Knights of the Fallen Empire has moved its story into a new chapter today with the release of its latest DLC, Mandalore's Revenge. 

In the 14th chapter, of BioWare's story-driven MMO, the Outlander must enlist the aid of bounty hunter Shae Vizla and use some nasty Mandalorian warriors to try to take control of Emperor Arcann's Eternal Fleet. Players will get to travel to the new world of Darvannis.

As part of this update:

  • New Alliance Mission: Check out the new Alliance mission to recruit the savage Talz warrior, Broonmark, as your Companion. When a galactic diplomat reaches out to you for protection against a bloodthirsty assassin, your mission leads to a culprit seeking vengeance against everything the Republic stands for.
  • New Revenge Cartel Pack: Inspired by the latest Chapter, the new ‘Revenge’ Cartel Market Pack offers players the opportunity to get rare battle items, including the Vaylin-inspired Wicked Huntress Armor, Commander Vizla’s Armor, and Colicoid Droid Companion.
  • New Vehicle: If you were part of the Subscriber Rewards Program as of June 1, you will also receive a special in-game reward, the Eternal Empire Patroller vehicle.

Chapter 13, Profit and Plunder, launched in early May. If BioWare keeps to its development schedule, we should hear about Chapter 15 soon, in time for its launch next month.

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