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Doom: How to Find All 13 Classic Maps

Here's your guide to finding all of the hidden Doom 1 and Doom 2 levels in the all-new campaign. 


One of Doom’s many nostalgic secrets are its classic maps, a collection of levels from Doom 1 and Doom 2 that can only be accessed by finding a series of levers and hidden doors throughout the campaign. Each mission has one lever and classic map doorway to find, each with some amount of challenge to obtain.

A few tips for you on your quest to find everything:

-          Once you discover these maps, a “Classic Maps” option will unlock in the game’s main menu. You can access the maps directly from here.

-          Many of the classic map entrances and levers will require some backtracking and exploration to locate, so be prepared to move backward if necessary.

-          You will know the lever has been activated and the entrance opened when you hear a guitar riff play after pulling it.


Get the blue keycard and enter through the first blue door. Hen you reach a forked path, keep left and jump down into the gap you encounter to find a lever at the bottom. The entrance will be located nearby, toward the end of the path.

Resource Operations

Complete the restoring power objective in the misio, drop into the vehicle entry, then climb to the top of the construction platforms overhead. The lever wll be at the top, and the entrance is directly below.


To acces the lever, cross the large bridge in the area, pausing to climb the platform with boxes. The lever is at the top, and the entrance is all the way across the room.

Argent Facility

The lever in the Argent Facility is hidden behind some barrels at the start of the level.

Argent Energy Tower

While riding the transport vehicle in the tower climbing part of the level, you’ll see the lever tucked away at the top of the lift. Go back down the hover lift to find the secret entrance.

Kadingir Sanctum

Venture into the dark corners in the cave, right near the Skyrim Easter egg. The lever will be located nearby. To access the doorway, backtrack a bit to the previous arena, and theentrance will be to the left of the door.

Argent Facility (Destroyed)

The lever in this mission is hidden on a ledge toward the start of the level. It will require platforming to reach and wll be behind the box on the platform.

Advanced Research Complex

The lever here is hidden a bit deeper in the level, on a pipe near the air valve.The door it opens is located toward the start of the level, so be prepared to do some backtracking.

Lazarus Labs

Deep into this mission, you’ll encounter a blood-soaked room with a large hole in its center. The lever is located beneath the right side door when you first enter the room. The hidden door is at the bottom of the pit.

Titan’s Realm

Enter the room after opening the yellow skull key door. The lever will be hidden behind a wall of loose rocks, which can be removed by platforming upward toward the level’s top floor and activating the skull switch. This removes the rocks and will expose the lever. To reach the classic map start, backtrack to the pit toward the star of the level and the classic lever entrance is located to the right of the base of the stairs.

The Necropolis

Toward the start of the level, you’ll be rewarded with a yellow key after entering an arena. Clear out the demons in the arena, and the lever will be located at the opposite side of the room, inside a little alcove. Pull the lever and backtrack a bit to find the entrance to the classic map.

Vega Central Processing

Obtain the blue keycard and gain access to the room where the Elite Guard’s body is located. The guard will be propped up on some boxes, behind which you’ll find the lever. Activate it, and then backtrack to where you originally found the blue keycard. The classic map entry is located at the end of the blue-lit hallway.

Argent D’Nur

The lever in this mission will be slightly more difficult to reach, since it’s locked off and only accessible after activating a skull switch. Near the top of the stairs toward the first wraith, you’ll see the skull switch embedded into the wall.

The switch will open the doorway to the lever. It will be easy to see, since it is located very near the smaller collection of glowing skulls. Enter the door and follow theblood trail toward the lever. The entrance to the classic map is conveniently located to the right of the lever. 

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