Pool Nation VR coming to HTC Vive on June 1

Shoot some stick, throw bottles, and more.


Developer Cherry Pop Games received high praise for the realism of its billiards simulation, Pool Nation. On June 1, the game will become that much more immersive when it hits Steam as an HTC Vive-compatible app.

Pool Nation VR rolls in all the features from the base game, plus several more tailored to virtual reality. The game's lauded physics will be present, and you'll be able to choose from a variety of rulesets. A free-play mode will let you get a feel for handling a virtual pool stick, or provide a place to kick back when you wanna shoot some stick unfettered by rules.

You'll even be able to get rowdy, and no one will call the cops. "Enjoy the pleasure of throwing a bottle at your opponent or breaking one against the wall," the developer said in a press release. "We won’t make you clean-up in VR."

Further enhancing its authentic pool-hall experience, the game includes side activities such as virtual darts, a jukebox, the ability to go up against AI or human opponents, and a fully realized bar able to be explored. You can even round up bottles you haven't smashed and stack them to create precarious towers of glass.

Pool Nation VR will be available for HTC Vive on June 1, for $19.99.

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