Paragon adds Riktor to its roster of heroes

This cyborg has severe anger issues.


Epic Games continues to expand its roster of available heroes for its MOBA Paragon, revealing the latest entrant to be a cyborg melee tank that apparently has some severe anger management issues.

Riktor's electric attacks focuses on crowd control, with a dual chain Riplash ability that can bring enemies in close for some devastating attacks. Shock Therapy disrupts enemies by silencing them and a Skewer Ultimate uses a web of chains to damage and stun everyone in his path. Check out the video:

The game is currently in Early Access, but a free weekend for everyone begins today. The open beta runs through May 30, and you can extend your time in the game by paying for one of the founders packs.

The game is available for PC and PS4, and no official release date has been announced.

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