Here's when Overwatch comes out

Overwatch 'officially' releases on May 24, but you can start playing the game several hours prior to its launch.


Overwatch is officially releasing tomorrow, but if you already have a copy on hand or have it pre-loaded, you could be enjoying the game as early as this evening as Blizzard has announced it will be launching the game’s servers several hours prior to the game’s official launch.

Similar to its Open Beta, Overwatch will launch in all regions across all platforms at the same time globally. In the US, Overwatch will launch at 7:00PM EDT / 4:00PM PDT.

Those who purchased the PC version will be able to pre-load the game, although if you already took part in the open beta and kept your files, you won’t need to download much as you’ll just need to patch it in order to play. This is due to the fact its open beta contained all of Overwatch’s launch features.

As for console versions, only the Xbox One version of Overwatch currently supports pre-download. Unfortunately, that means PlayStation 4 owners who own the digital version will need to download Overwatch as soon as it becomes available, while those who own physical copies will be able to install the game, but will most likely need to patch it when the servers go live.

Blizzard recently revealed at least 9.7 million players partook in Overwatch’s open beta across all platforms, making it its biggest open beta ever.

If your watch will begin this evening along with us, here are some guides we published that should help you prepare yourself for Overwatch:

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